Privacy Policy

《Gamesofa》 is a website of Gamesofa Incorporated, and we are dedicated to respecting and protecting your privacy. To give you a better understanding of how Gamesofa collects and makes use of your information, please read this privacy policy carefully. This policy is subject to occasional updates and we ask that you consult it regularly.

How Gamesofa Collects Your Personal Information ?

  • Member Registration :
    When you register to become a member of Gamesofa, you will need to provide some personal information, including your name, email, birthdate, gender, etc. Should we find that aspects of your personal information are fabricated or are not used by the original user, Gamesofa reserves the right to terminate your member status and revoke all related services.
  • Online Events and Credit Services :
    When you participate in online events or use our credit services, Gamesofa will also ask for you to provide information such as your name, ID number, email, gender, address, phone number, etc.
  • Normal Browsing :
    When you are logged in while browsing online, our website server keeps a record of each user's online information including IP address, web browser, time usage, and browsing history.
  • Advertisements and Affiliated Partners :
    Gamesofa may collect your information. When you participate in prize drawings, tournaments, or other promotional events hosted in conjunction with other partnering companies, you are willingly providing your information to these affiliated partners. These companies have their own privacy policies and Gamesofa does not take responsibility for the practices of these companies.
  • Other :
    When you log onto the Gamesofa website, you are actively and willingly providing your personal information. Online interactions with other users in chatrooms, discussion forums, and message boards in which you reveal your personal information are not subject to the protection of Gamesofa's privacy policy.
  • FB friend information :
    As long as you agree to share the FB friend list with Gamesofa, we will list your friends who are playing the game at the same time in the friend center of the game, so that you can quickly play together on the same table, if you need to cancel, you can contact the official mailbox at any time, we will remove this list

How Gamesofa Makes Use of Your Personal Information

  • Statistical Analysis :
    Gamesofa makes use of the information provided by users during registration, promotional events, or surveys, and conducts internal studies based on factors such as user count, user interest, and user behaviors. Other information that is not directly provided by the user, such as IP address, usage time, web browser, browsing history, will be compiled into one collection for group analysis. Gamesofa will not, at any time, conduct analysis on individual users.
  • Online Events and Internet Surveying :
    Users' names and ID numbers collected by Gamesofa are used only for prize drawing events. Information such as phone number, email, and address are needed only to inform users of the event results and to mail out prizes. All other profile information is used strictly for conducting market research or study purposes.

Sharing Your Information with Third Parties

Gamesofa will never sell, exchange, or release your personal information to other groups or individuals. In the circumstances below, Gamesofa will adhere strictly to the conditions of this policy in sharing your information with third parties.

  • In order to provide you with more services or benefits (such as coupons), you may be asked to provide personal information to third parties involved with these services or benefits. You will be given advanced notification of these circumstances and will have the option to choose whether or not you accept these services or benefits.
  • In order to provide you with more services or benefits (such as coupons), Gamesofa's affiliated partners may send you related information or emails. Gamesofa will provide a detailed description of these services or benefits and give you advance notification before these partner companies contact you. Additionally, you will also have the option to choose whether or not to accept these services or benefits.

Gamesofa Cookies

Gamesofa may use cookies in order to provide more convenience and customized service for each user. Cookies are a type of technology used by web servers to establish a connection to web browsers. Cookies may be used to store bits of information on a user's computer but only if the browser's preferences allow it to do so. Users can change their browser settings at any time to cancel or limit the use of cookies.

Sending Information to Users

After obtaining your agreement prior to registration, Gamesofa will send related information or emails to you. All information sent to you will have a clear indication of Gamesofa as the sender and will include an option to stop receiving these emails at any time.

Updating Your Personal Information

After you have registered as a member of Gamesofa, you can make edits to your personal information (such as your name, nickname, address, phone number, email, etc.). If you have forgotten your password, you can look it up and change your password at any time.

Measures to Protect Your Personal Information

In order to better protect your personal information, we highly discourage you from sharing your information and password with anyone. When leaving your computer or Gamesofa's website, please remember to sign out completely. If you are using a shared computer, please remember to close your web browser to prevent others from accessing your personal information and/or email account.


You are responsible for all information you willingly reveal online, such as in discussion forums or chatrooms. Please protect your account information responsibly when logging in to public interactive spaces.

Personal data policy inquiry and data update/deletion service

If you have a specific request regarding the personal data our game collects, uses, updates, and deletes, or have questions about personal data, please email our help center at